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The Lab

Traditional methods and values are the cornerstone of I am Analogue. As was the time honored tradition, we carefully hand process films, wash and dry them and then print them through an enlarger. On one side of the lab, time stands still… or at least it would appear to. Bottles of chemistry, developing trays and dodging tools are skilfully manipulated under the warm glow of the safety light, producing uniquely hand crafted works of art. There really is nothing like a hand printed, hand finished selenium toned fibre print… beautiful.

The other side of the lab is distinctly 21st century. Digital printers, Giclee printers, virtual drum scanners, Macs, PCs… not particularly analogue. However, digital opens up many possibilities for film and makes it compatible with how many of us now consume media… digitally. A high resolution scan from a 5×4 transparency is comparable to a file from a medium format digital back costing tens of thousands of pounds. Files can be shared across social networks, edited in specialist software or printed on a wide variety of media types.

Our local photographers can drop in to the lab and discuss their requirements with a member of staff, one to one. Offering a bespoke service means being available for our clients. We are happy to produce tests and samples to ensure you are satisfied that your job is exactly what you want. Seating and refreshments are available together with a warm and welcoming atmosphere; getting to know you and your work helps us deliver a better service… tailored to suit you.

Diana cropFun with film

Lomography is a trend that has introduced a new generation to film, but it is not the founder of funky film effects. For decades, film users have scratched frame carriers, cross processed film and stabbed at exposed Polaroid sheets.

Check out our specialist services for Lomography cameras or our guides on new ways to use your existing film cameras.

In a nutshell

Professionals, amateurs and first timers continue to use our services with confidence. Whether you buy online, by mail order or live locally, it is our aim to treat every film with the special care and attention it deserves.

There really is something for everyone and if you can’t see what you are looking for, just drop us a line and we will work with you to deliver exactly what you want.


Service Overview

Getting Started
Getting Started
Chemistry is the life blood of I am Analogue. Whether you're new to film or a long time shooter, take a look at our processing and see the possibilities!

Process It!

Putting it Down
Putting it Down
We produce traditional hand prints through an enlarger. Contact sheets, spotting, dodging & burning. Real photography deserves real printing.

Print It!

Going Digital
Going Digital
Have the best of both worlds by scanning your film. I am Analogue will capture the soul of your photograph for you to display on the big screen!

Scan It!