Image Scanning

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Don’t worry, it’s not sacrilege to want your beautifully crafted analogue images in a digital format, you’ve done the hard work and now you want to show the world by sharing your artworks online. By leaving the scanning to us, you can sit back with your digital scans and let your iPad or Android tablet do the talking.

Scans can be produced according to budget or final output size. Budget options include Process & Scan packages with scans produced on our Fujifilm Frontier 570 minilab. For those demanding applications, our Imacon Flextight virtual drum scanner is capable of scanning your negs/transparencies up to 5000dpi!

Highly competitive pricing on maximum resolution Imacon scans is available for those familiar with Photoshop (for cleaning dust and scratches). For a small additional fee, your Imacon scans can be delivered professionally cleaned and colour corrected.


Table of Scanning Resolutions

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Film Type
Tif in MB
Print Size @ 300dpi
35mm 5000 90mb 23 x 15 inch
120/10 3200 178mb 23 x 29 inch
120/12 3200 140mb 23 x 23 inch
120/15 3200 105mb 23 x 17 inch
6 x 9 3200 212mb 23 x 35 inch
6 x 17 3200 420mb 23 x 70 inch
5 x 4 2040 200mb 31 x 24 inch

Scanning Services


35mm Process & Scan£7+per roll
  • Scans from 6×4 inch upwards
  • Fixed prices regardless of film chemistry
120 Process & Scan£7+per roll
  • Scans from 5×4 120/10
  • Fixed prices regardless of film chemistry
220 Process & Scan£14+per roll
  • Scans from 5×4 220/10
  • Fixed prices regardless of film chemistry
Imacon Virtual Drum Scans£10+per frame
  • Maximum resolution scan
  • Professional dust & scratch removal is available