Our goal is to be as clear and helpful as possible. We have listed a number of frequently asked questions but will continue to add to this list as we receive questions from our customers. If you would like to ask a question, please use our contact form and you may see it added to the list below.

Q: My scans are small files, why?

If you order a process & scan or process, scan & print package, you may worry that your files appear to be smaller than you had expected. As scans are jpg files, when you look at these files in a file browser or window (such as My Computer), you will see the compressed size. If you were to open one of the jpg files in Adobe Photoshop, you would then see the uncompressed image size.

Q: Resolution of Scans

We offer 2 types of scans here at I am Analogue.

Type 1 is the scan you receive as part of a process & scan or process, scan & print package deal. These scans are 300ppi jpg files at standard photographic sizes. For example, if you order a 6×4 process & scan package, each frame of your film will be scanned to 6×4 inches with a ppi (pixels per inch) of 300. This gives you a pixel density of 1800 x 1200 pixels (1800 pixels ÷ 300ppi = 6 which is how we arrive at 6 inch). A list of standard photographic sizes and their resolutions can be found here.

Type 2 is an Imacon scan. These are high resolution scans from our virtual drum scanner, saved as 8bit uncompressed tif files. These scans can be printed at very large sizes and contain the greatest detail available from your film frame. The resolution varies depending on the film format scanned. To view a list of sizes and resolutions, please take a look here.

Q: Can you print from my digital files?

Yes we can.

Our digital printing service is handled by our digital printing department at CC Imaging. I am Analogue is the ‘traditional film’ department of the professional lab, CC Imaging.

It is important that your digital files are sized and cropped correctly, their resolution is set to 300dpi and they each have the sRGB colour profile embedded within them. Following these steps ensures the most accurate print from your original digital file.

Q: Digital Transfer

We can now transfer scans from your package deal to you via wetransfer or dropbox. This allows you to receive your files the day they are scanned, so you can start working on them or share them straight away.

Q: Delivery

Once we receive your order through the post, jobs are usually in lab no longer than 2 working days (this does not include weekends and holidays). To simplify postage costs, we have a tiered system starting at £3.50 for orders of 1-3 films. Postage will increase by £3.50 for every consecutive 1-3 films, with the cost being reduced for larger quantities. Orders are sent by Royal Mail 2nd class.

Q: How can I pay and where do I send my film(s)?

Payment can be made via Paypal only.

Orders should be sent to:

I am Analogue
Unit 7 Scala Court
Leathley Road
LS10 1JD