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Imacon Scans

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Maximum resolution professional grade scan from your film, supplied as a tif file.

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Our Imacon 949 virtual drum scanner truly makes the most of your film. Most major formats are supported together with optimised colour dynamics applied to specific film types i.e Kodak Portra 160 NC will have a different profile to its VC counterpart. Digitising your frames this way will help you appreciate how good your ‘old’ film camera really is, yes film remains relevant in today’s fast paced digital environment.

To simplify our Imacon scanning services, we will always produce the highest PPI (pixels per inch) scan possible from any given frame size. This guarantees you the best quality and highest resolution available for your film.


Table of Scanning Resolutions

Film Type
Tif in MB
Print Size @ 300dpi
35mm 5000 90mb 23 x 15 inch
120/10 3200 178mb 23 x 29 inch
120/12 3200 140mb 23 x 23 inch
120/15 3200 105mb 23 x 17 inch
6 x 9 3200 212mb 23 x 35 inch
6 x 17 3200 420mb 23 x 70 inch
5 x 4 2040 200mb 31 x 24 inch

The price of Imacon scans are on a ‘per frame’ basis.

  • Our £10.00 scans are ideal for those users who are familiar and happy to remove dust and scratches digitally.
  • Please select ‘Max Res (cleaned)’ if you wish to receive your scan professionally cleaned in Photoshop.
  • A 3F file is similar to a RAW file, it is essentially a digital negative as you are able to export variations from a single scan. You must have the Flexcolor software to edit a 3F file.
  • Scans are provided as 8bit uncompressed tif files on CD/DVD.


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