How to: Loading your 120 with 35mm

You may have seen this guide over on our CC Imaging Website, but we thought it might be beneficial to some over here on I am Analogue.

There are a selection of funky cameras that allow you to expose your 35mm film with sprocket holes on the frame. But we discovered that you don’t have to shell out for a new specialist camera if you already have a 120 Medium Format Camera already. The effect is pretty cool, with a bit of tape and small leap of faith you can load your 120 back with 35mm film. Here’s how:

You will need:

A 35mm Film
A 120 Back

Some Sticky Tape
(we used ‘Magic Tape’ as it’s less messy and easier to remove)
Your fingers

Step 1:

Place the film ’emulsion side out’ at the top.

Step 2:

Use a short length of tape to secure the film across the width.

Step 2:

Use a second length of tape to secure the film vertically.

Step 3:

Pull the film out to leave enough slack to wind on the bottom spool.

Step 4:

Loop the film under and feed the leader through the slit by a few millimetres.

Step 5:

Use a small length of tape to secure the leader to the spool.

Step 6:

Wind the film on 1 turn.

Step 7:

Shoot away!
We found that it was a good idea to up-rate the film if you use a metered prism, the smaller film area will be less sensitive to light than the
exposure will be calculating for.

So there you have it, go play, experiment, have fun and when it comes to removing the film you’ll need to use a dark room or dark box to avoid exposing the film and ruining your images. Alternatively, bring it to us and we’ll happily take care of it for you!

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