E6 FilmE6 processing

E6 processing is one of the many chemical processes we support at I am Analogue. E6 processing is peerless in its resolution. Simply put, E6 film (also called slide film or reversal film) returns higher quality images compared with those shot on to negative film (also called C41 film). A popular favourite with academics and professionals due to the quality and clarity of colour, E6 processing is notoriously difficult as it requires a strict balance of chemistry, maintained at a constant temperature.

As a professional lab we’ve invested in the very best equipment to guarantee consistent E6 processing. Our Refrema system is considered the ‘Rolls Royce’ method and the only serious way of achieving the very best quality when E6 processing.

E6 film

Each roll of E6 film is carefully lifted from chemical bath to chemical bath by our dip & dunk machine, ensuring no scratches are introduced. Scratches on your E6 film are most unwelcome. We would not trust our own E6 film through the alternative ‘roller’ style processor so that’s why he use one of the last remaining Refrema systems in the UK.

You might think this delicate process takes an age. Surprisingly it only takes our Refrema 1 hour 15 minutes for each E6 film to be guided, lovingly, through the series of chemical baths. Your processed E6 film ends its journey in a secure cabinet ready to be mounted or sleeved; just like a magician’s magical box containing something wonderful.

Slide mounting

Of course a significant reason for choosing E6 film is its ability to be mounted into hollow plastic squares, commonly known as slides. A popular favourite with academics, camera club enthusiasts and those who want to document and archive physical material in an analogue way, slide mounting has become something of a speciality at I am Analogue.

Your roll of E6 film is gently placed into the slide mounting machine, which discharges any static and helps to reduce dust particles adhering to the film. A skilled member of staff, with over 45 years of experience, carefully aligns each frame and then cuts and mounts it in to a slide.

After slide mounting your film, your set of slides are dispatched to you in a 100% recycled (and 100% recyclable) card box. As a responsible company we always respect the environment and take measures to help where possible. To reduce our carbon footprint, local carton producers were chosen to manufacture our slide mounting boxes which also helps us to contribute towards growing the UK workforce.

E6 Photography

E6 film can be categorised as ‘advanced’ when compared with C41 or black & white film. Although it has the potential to yield higher quality results, strict discipline is required when shooting E6 film as exposure is incredibly critical. Whilst the exposure latitude in C41 film offers a wide ‘safety net’, E6 film demands the photographer to expose each frame with precision, some may even say perfection.

The results, however, are worth working for.

E6 developing

The 21st century has completely changed how we consume images. If you are one of our many customers who lives life at 100mph, you may want your roll of E6 developing into scans. These scans can be transferred to you, so you get to see your images as soon as they come through the scanner.

Our package deals include processing your film and the developing the frames into scans, prints or both. You can even choose to have your E6 film mounted in to slides as part of a package deal, together with scans and prints.

Really there is little we can’t do with your E6 film here at I am Analogue. If there is something you really need and it’s not on our website, simply get in touch. Being a professional lab we understand that every film is unique and we actively provide bespoke services to deliver exactly what you want.


Film Formats & Chemistry

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Film Type
Black & White
Cross Process
35mm C41 E6 ID-11 C41 > E6   or   E6 > C41
120 / 220 C41 E6 ID-11 C41 > E6   or   E6 > C41
5 x 4 N/A E6 ID-11 C41 > E6
10 x 8 N/A E6 ID-11 C41 > E6

Processing Services

35mm Process Only£5+per roll
  • Ready in 24hr (postal service) or 2hr (collection)
  • Most Lomography films and formats supported.
120 Process
£5+per roll
  • Ready in 24hr (postal service) or 2hr (collection)
  • Most Lomography films and formats supported.
220 Process
£10+per roll
  • Ready in 24hr (postal service) or 2hr (collection)
  • Most Lomography films and formats supported.
Sheet Film
Process Only
£6+per sheet
  • Ready in 24hr (postal service) or 2hr (collection)
  • E6 ‘dip and dunk’ scratch free processing.