Analogue at Heart



We remember those days, the days when everything was analogue. 2hr 5×4 E6 processing couriered by motorcycle back to the photographer who was waiting on shoot to see their exposure… those days are most likely not returning. Film, however, is a hardy format loved by passionate users for its depth and soul. Several members of our team have devoted their entire career to professional photo-processing and printing, after decades wallowing in chemistry there isn’t much they don’t know.

I am Analogue is a sub-brand of the professional lab, CC Imaging. In order to simplify our traditional film services we created this micro-site (very small website) to better communicate with our analogue users. Yes we have decades of professional expertise, so much so that we have been the UK’s official Fujifilm Processing Laboratory since 2008. Fujifilm were impressed by our quality control and customer service led approach to analogue processing and printing.

Many labs today offer film processing and printing, but most cannot produce lovingly hand crafted prints through an enlarger… true analogue prints. Fewer still will work closely with the photographer, printing tests and variations to ensure that correct colour/density is achieved. I am Analogue is not ‘most labs’. I am Analogue is a well fortified bastion, defending the time honoured tradition of the chemical process. We continue to fight the good fight for film, to champion fibre hand prints and sally forth against the digicam masses.

I am Analogue, We are Analogue….


How Analogue are you?