Getting Started
Getting Started
Chemistry is the life blood of I am Analogue. Whether you're new to film or a long time shooter, take a look at our processing and see the possibilities!

Process It!

Putting it Down
Putting it Down
We produce traditional hand prints through an enlarger. Contact sheets, spotting, dodging & burning. Real photography deserves real printing.

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Going Digital
Going Digital
Have the best of both worlds by scanning your film. I am Analogue will capture the soul of your photograph for you to display on the big screen!

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How to: Loading your 120 with 35mm

You may have seen this guide over on our CC Imaging Website, but we thought it might be beneficial to some over here on I am Analogue. There are a selection of funky cameras that allow you to expose your 35mm film with sprocket holes on the frame. But we discovered that you don’t have…

Growing blogger and blogger…

We know you’d love to know the ins and outs of everything that happens here at I am Analogue, as a result, our blog section is working overtime to create ‘how to’s’, insider info-graphics, potted histories and much more. Watch this space for an access all areas approach to our Analogue lives!

The home of E6 processing

I am Analogue are true artisans when it comes to film. One of the most difficult films to develop is slide film. Trusted by Fujifilm UK, our E6 processing workflow is peerless offering a same day service through our dip & dunk machine. Refrema are regarded by industry professionals as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of E6 processing technologies and we have one of the last remaining Refremas in service today. If you shoot slide film or would like to, give your film the best start with our E6 processing service

Today, some would suggest film is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Whilst its true that digital can’t keep a good roll down, dedicated film users have always kept the torch burning. Photography’s passion and soul can be felt in a mechanical wind, it can be seen as images appear on paper before your very eyes amongst the dim red glow of the dark room.

If you’ve yet to shoot your first roll of film, or you have decades of slides organised to perfection, you will appreciate that trust is an important factor when the time for processing arrives. Each frame is unique, the essence of a moment frozen in time. In most cases, it would be impossible to recreate the scene; frames are always precious which is why Fujifilm entrusted their processing to us.

With over half a century of expertise and more than a dash of TLC, our manifesto begins with loving your film as much as you do.